Monday, December 20, 2010

Charlie’s Burgers: Arctic Diplomatic Incident Dinner

Sunday, December 19th the Charlies Burgers dinner went down.  So much to digest - both literally and figuratively.  Three days of prep and an outstanding evening that rocked the house and left the guests wanting more.  Chef Louis the Great designed a menu that showcased northern fare and married it with the finest ingredients we could find in the south.

Why would we try to put into words the events of the evening when our friends Twyla Campbell and Steve Stacey have done it so eloquently on their blog sites.  Check it out and be amazed at the transformation of the raw ingredients to finished product.  Please find below some images on the ingredients in the raw.... then go to Twyla and Steve's blogs. 

Twyla's Blog on the Arctic Dinner

Steve's Blog on the Artic Dinner

Check out the article it the Stratford Beacon Herald:

Stratford Beacon Herald - Dinner Comes From the North

The Screaming Avocados


 Foie Gras


Arctic Char



  1. The entire team outdid themselves...I was completely blown away by the entire evening and am very grateful to have had the chance to just experience those incredible flavours...kudos and another thousand thanks...


  2. Paul, great shots of the prep day. Mmmmm...walrus. Fun times huh? Incredible experience...lets do this again :-)