Wednesday, May 18, 2011

North South Canadian Forage - James Beard House, NYC

 May 14th, 2011

What an amazing experience!  Everyone came together to prepare a meal on May 14th, the likes of which has never been prepared at James Beard House.  We'll leave Twyla's blog to tell the story of the event - Arctic Forage Dinner at James Beard House, NYC  Below is a comment from one of the guests at the dinner as a tantalizer to the full story. 

"My wife and I were one of the incredibly fortunate people to have dined at The Beard House for the Arctic Dinner and if I may say it was so stupendously amazing. We were very lucky to have been able to sample all of the extremely rare foods that were brought to us as a gift. And the food itself tasted and was presented in a 4 star fashion. Each plate was a mini-masterpiece of numerous different bites. It could have easily been presented like a 30 course meal but that would have been a too arrogant approach for these folks. Simply put I was blown away and quite honestly still am."

Jock Ellery Grundy 
International Culinary Center/The French Culinary Institute/The Italian Culinary Academy.

Thank-you to all who participated in, shared and supported our opportunity to showcase Arctic and Ontario products at the culinary shrine also known as James Beard House.

Come Skype with Me

The first Come Skype with me session occurred between Chef Michael Smith and the students from South Perth Centennial Elementary School.  The kids threw Michael tough questions, which he answered in the enthusiastic way we would expect from Michael.  Check out the article in the Stratford Beacon Herald -  Come Skype with Me

Slow Food Canadian Youth Terra Madre

The Slow Food Youth Terra Madre on Tuesday May 24th was a huge success and a wonderful experience for all that attended.  Check out Steve's blog "Go For It, Have a Good Time"  and the Stratford Beacon Herald article You Are What You Eat .  Youth participant Aleksandar Djermanovic summarized his experience at the end of this article posted on   Terra Madre Youth on the Farm

The Screaming Avocados