Wednesday, May 18, 2011

North South Canadian Forage - James Beard House, NYC

 May 14th, 2011

What an amazing experience!  Everyone came together to prepare a meal on May 14th, the likes of which has never been prepared at James Beard House.  We'll leave Twyla's blog to tell the story of the event - Arctic Forage Dinner at James Beard House, NYC  Below is a comment from one of the guests at the dinner as a tantalizer to the full story. 

"My wife and I were one of the incredibly fortunate people to have dined at The Beard House for the Arctic Dinner and if I may say it was so stupendously amazing. We were very lucky to have been able to sample all of the extremely rare foods that were brought to us as a gift. And the food itself tasted and was presented in a 4 star fashion. Each plate was a mini-masterpiece of numerous different bites. It could have easily been presented like a 30 course meal but that would have been a too arrogant approach for these folks. Simply put I was blown away and quite honestly still am."

Jock Ellery Grundy 
International Culinary Center/The French Culinary Institute/The Italian Culinary Academy.

Thank-you to all who participated in, shared and supported our opportunity to showcase Arctic and Ontario products at the culinary shrine also known as James Beard House.

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