Saturday, February 22, 2014

Seeds of Change Vegucation Centre

Stratford Northwestern's Seeds of Change 'Vegucation Centre' is alive! 100 talapia arrived this week for our aquaponics system designed by Kirk Scammell.  Stephanie Roth and our farmer friend Ryan of Loco Fields have the rest of the greenhouse flourishing and feeding the Screaming Avocado. Soon we'll be ready to invite in our elementary school friends for some good food education. Grow On!

EAT FIT Cape Dorset, Nunavut

The Screaming Avocado EAT FIT student team is heading to Cape Dorset, Nunavut March 29th to April 6th with a group of incredible friends.  Joining us will be fitness guru and Best Health Magazine writer Erin Phelan  @erinpp ; chef, writer & activist. taste chaser, teacher & lover of the good life, Joshna Maharaj @joshnamaharaj - who may get the chance to throw together another batch of her Polar Bear Masala;  food hunter, taste master, mentor and champion of good food, Peter Neal @peterneal1; the woman with the eye behind the lens who'll be capturing the still moments, Jenny Hueston.

We'll steal piece of Peter's Blog on the Neal Brothers site to share what we'll be doing: