Monday, December 27, 2010

Greenhouse - wee yummy sprouts

The holiday break from school doesn't slow the growth of the seedlings planted in our Seeds of Change greenhouse.  Students Devon, Barry and Lizzie worked hard with Steve Stacey (The Local Come Lately) to clean and organize the greenhouse and plant sixty-four trays prior to the winter break.  On one of the days Shawn Hartwell  (Simple Fish and Chips ) dropped by to lend a hand.  This brought a great connection for the students as Shawn will be using some of the greens in his restaurant.  Of the remainder, some will be used in the Screaming Avocado Canteen and others will be sold to those interested in delicious organic greens that support a great cause.  Check out the photos Shawn snapped today in the greenhouse - they're growing!  This project is made possible through the generous contribution from Libro Financial's Community Builders Grant. 

The Screaming Avocados

Devon, Barry and Lizzie

Half the trays

Wee yummy sprouts

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  1. I absolutely love following the stories of how well engaged and educated our young students are becoming in ways of agriculture...the land to table education is priceless and I applaud loudly all of you that are providing that's a wonderful thing to watch....