Friday, December 10, 2010

Screaming Avocados and Charlies Burgers

On December 19th the Screaming Avocados will team up with the uber-talented Chef Louis Charest to helping in the preparation of a challenging menu for the guests of Charlies Burgers in Toronto  'Charlie' describes the menu as  The Arctic Culinary Diplomatic Incident.  We see it as an opportunity for the fledgling avocados to learn from Louis and to connect to incredible ingredients that have fed the Inuit peoples for a thousand years. Since an experience like this needs to be shared, we invited some Stratford Chef School students to help in the prep. 

For the foraging of the northern fare we turned to our foodie friends Steve Cooper and Twyla Campbell ( ).  Steve grew up in the north and spends much time up there with work. His connections are far reaching, which allows him to have access to ingredients we've only read about.  Thank-you Steve and Twyla.

Everything is in motion for a truly memorable night.  We'll be back with details and more photos on December 20th.  Check out the menu below and be amazed.  For more on Charlies Burgers visit

The Screaming Avocados

Menu & Wine Pairing
Prosecco Asolo Montello DOCG - Veneto, Italy

Clams and Muskox
Qikitartuaq clams, Mipkuzola fennel fire roasted muskox, narwhal bannock
2008 Chardonnay, Baglio del Sole, Feudi Del Pisciotto, Sicily, Italy

Blubber Pie

Sanikiluak sea urchin, star fish, whipped beluga
2004 Muskat, Josmeyer, Alsace France

Davis Strait Shrimp Bisque
Matsutake mushroom, shrimp ceviche
lemon grass sabayon
2009 Bergerie du Capucin, Pic Saint Loup, Dame Geannie, Languedoc, France

Seal and Walrus Crackling
Sumac grilled rack of seal, star anise walrus crackling, foie gras
candied candy cane beet, mango sambal
1999 Vinsobres, Domaine Chaume Arnaud, Cotes Du Rhone Villages, France

Cape Dorset Kelp Sorbet
ponzu gastric, fresh kelp, kelp chips

Wild Ginger BBQ Duck Flavoured Sea Cucumber and Veal Marrow Pot au Feu

Cambridge Bay Arctic Char Tataki, Batawana Bay Herring Roe
Bok Choy, Root Vegetables, Buckwheat Tempura
2007 Barbera Asti DOC, Scagliola, Piemonte, Italy

ice wine Akutak profiteroles
blue berry, spun sugar
2000 Ice Wine, Vidal, Pilliteri Canada


  1. Love the ingredients except for the wine pairings and line "...truly Canadiana meal..."

  2. Fair enough on the "...truly Canadiana meal.." We've adjusted that. Thanks.

  3. Dont invite "GO" already the wine snobbery has started!!!