Monday, October 25, 2010

We're here! Not quite!

The trip from Toronto was a breeze. While seven the students had never been on a plane before, they survived their first flight and earned their wings. We departed quick from the airport for Steve and Twyla's for an incredible northern bounty meal that included Muskox sous vide and carpaccio, cedar plank Arctic Char and much more. While most showed an adventurous spirit we had a couple who wouldn't step up for even morsel. Guess they'll go hungry in Cambridge Bay.

Our gracious hosts also had an amazing collection of Inuit and Native art and natural artifacts!
Our Northern Feast - Thanks to Steve, Twyla & Family!

 Kirsten Trying on a Pair of Inuit Snow Goggles
Barry Wielding a Narwhal Tusk
Today we rose early for the flight to Yellowknife and then a quick hop to Cam Bay - that was the plan. When we checked in we were informed of the low ceiling and fog, but not to worry as it should burn off. Five flights later and seven hours in the air we returned to Yellowknife for the night due to bad weather. We were only fifty feet from the runway in Cambridge Bay when the pilot pulled us up and turned the plane around. Tomorrow we rise and try it again.
Shayne, Jamie, Barry & Jordan at Yellowknife Airport
The Gang Getting on the Dash-8 to... nowhere
 The kids are good for the most part. Some grumpiness from exhaustion (the teachers as well), but ready to take a stab at it again and excited to meet their twin in Cambridge Bay.

Best, the Screaming Avocados

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  1. Heard you made it in. Great news...sorry I had to head back south to more mundane tasks. You guys are in for a real adventure.

    You were wonderful guests and I am glad we could introduce you to a taste of the north. Believe it or not, we eat like that often! Most of the kids did indeed venture into unknown territory (pun intended). Thanks to Barry we will again never eat char without thinking its "da bomb" (unless it sucks of course).

    Kirsten is one sophisticated foodie in the making (mark my words). She tried fish knowing she did not like fish only to discover that what she did not like was the kind of fish she had in the past or the way it was prepared. I told her it took me 45 years to find a way to make beets taste good to me. She even tried - and liked - raw musk ox. I am pretty sure she had two helpings of both raw meat and cooked fish....and she asked all the right questions.

    Devon was a trooper and, I think, tried pretty much everything...I hope he inspires Lizzie to go beyond Campbell's soup and to venture into the culinary unknown.

    So travellers...take care of the little lady...but she is a grizzled old arctic wanderer and has lots of good knowldge in her head...after ten years with me yammering at her about the arctic, she can't help it.

    Have fun on the Komatiqs...and remember that the guests of honour always get served the tongue of the caribou. I hear they had a great harvest in Cam Bay last week so lots of tongue to go around....or wait...maybe forget that part.

    Timah! Quana!