Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We finally made it!

So after six flights and what seemed like infinite delays waiting for the weather to clear enough for us to land in Cambridge Bay, we finally made it!
Cambridge Bay Airport with our new friends
We were greeted by a welcoming party of students & teachers from Kiilinik High School, and we all posed for a picture together in front of the airport's stuffed muskox.
We were told that kissing the muskox brings good luck, so Fink puckered up!
We'll all be staying at the high school until Sunday: when we got there we were made to feel right at home!
The Stratford and Cambridge Bay students got to know each other.
After some yummy chili the whole gang hung out and shot some hoops and played some floor hockey.
We're all looking forward to tomorrow when we get to see Nunavut in daylight and head out 'on the land' in snowmobile trailers called 'qamutiks'.

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  1. Paul how many hours of daylight are there right now in Cambridge Bay