Thursday, October 21, 2010

Three Days!

Wow, just three more days till departure. Everyone is scrambling to ready for the big trip north to 'inside the Arctic Circle' - this sounds cool. It would be much easier if we were leaving a snowy environment, but the quick transition to the middle of a 'southern winter' is leading to some minor confusion. We in the south of Canada like to forget about the reality of winter until it is nipping at our nose. The snow is falling in Cambridge Bay daily, the wind is blowing and the locals are wearing their parkas. Time to put some serious thought to packing the correct clothing!

We're all excited and a bit nervous. For many it's their first flight and by the end they'll have completed six! In order to get to Cambridge Bay we need to overnight in Edmonton and then fly to Yellowknife, NWT and then to Cambridge Bay. A trip like this is a big undertaking for those who are use to the comforts of home. It's also a great opportunity to learn and grow. We believe it will be a trip of a lifetime that will impact all of our lives in positive way for years to come.

For those joining the trip in a virtual way, please stay tuned. If you want share the weather with us, please read our blogs while sitting in a freezer!

Keep you posted. Please send questions and comments.

The Screaming Avocado's

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  1. Paul Finkelstein does it again. This time he's off to the top of world with 15 of his avocados.