Sunday, March 31, 2013

Seeds of Change Garden

With the help of our local organic farmer Ryan Bergman of Loco Fields  the greenhouse is flourishing.  Students are learning the seed to table approach from Ryan and the importance of maintaining the heat, light and humidity levels in order to optimize the growth and yield.  The greens are being snipped, washed and spun weekly for use in the Screaming Avocado. 

Uspide-Down Gardens grown in 16 litre pails grabbed from local restaurants are taking over the upper area of the greenhouse.  An incredible use of space to optimize the energy output and yield.

The trays are in place and plumbing has begun for the aquaponics system that will take over one side of the greenhouse.  The students have researched and are building the system with help from teachers and tradespeople in the school.  Soon the Screaming Avocado will be serving fresh talapia and greens grown together in a recirculating system. Check out the Globe and Mail article on the aquaponics at Toronto's Bendale Business and Technological Institute - What are 300 tilapia doing in a Toronto high school?

Photos from the greenhouse.....

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