Sunday, March 31, 2013

Culinary Exchange with Webequie First Nation

The Screaming Avocado gang are participating in another YMCA Youth Exchange with students from Webequie First Nation, Ontario - located at the A below on the map.

The students from Webequie head south to Stratford between April 21 and the 27th.  While here they will visit local farms and producers to explore where the food come from makes it's way to their tables.  Visiting Chefs will come for a day to work with the students in the preparation of culturally diverse recipes to strengthen their culinary skills.  Fitness instructor Erin Phelan will break the students off in small groups to give them skills to optimize their workouts and better their personal health.  Of course both the cooking and exercise skills will easily be transferable to friends and family.

Between May 11th and 17th the Screaming Gang head north.  Our friends in the north have an incredible itinerary that includes learning the local language --> Oji-Cre, connecting with elders, fishing, camping and enjoying northern life.  We'll be packing some southern food to prepare a meal for the elders and will do cooking lessons for elementary studentsExciting times and a great opportunity to make new friends from a different part of Canada! 

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  1. Hello Screaming Avocados. Thank you for making and updating this blog, it has been interesting to read, and I have a few questions for you. I am an entrepreneur of sorts, and am trying to make a similar program to that of yours; that was before I found you. Would you explain in more detail about this chef-to-school connection, and the process you went through to make this happen. Also, if you would give any insight into your curriculum I would greatly appreciate that and hopefully attempt to emulate some of what I could apply to my situation. Thank you!