Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Cape Dorset Education Fund

Our friends in Cape Dorset, Nunavut suffered a terrible loss this past September.  Their school and our home away from home when we were fortunate enough to visit, was destroyed in a fire.  Luckily no one was hurt, but the loss of Peter Pitseolak School has left the students and community without a vital part of their daily lives.  Below are photos the school before, during and after the fire.

The EatFit Project, Screaming Avocado gang jumped into action to help get learning resources into the hands of the students - Stratford Beacon Herald  CBC  

The campaign received an incredible response from across the country.  $10, 000 was raised through a crowd funding campaign; a full compliment of textbooks lost were donated by Pearson Canada; First Book Canada donated a $1000 to help restock the library and individuals like Tywla Campbell from Edmonton scoured second stores to replace the novels used in class. To date 200 kgs of school supplies; 900 pounds of textbooks and enough kitchen equipment to equip the community kitchen and to begin healthy cooking classes for kids. Great work everyone! 


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