Monday, February 21, 2011

David Suzuki to the Screaming Avocado

On April 12th The Screaming Avocado's along with the the rest of Stratford Northwestern Secondary school will be hosting the incredible David Suzuki as he visits our school for the day.  This experience will include students from all schools in our board as David's message should be shared with as many as possible.  The itinerary is below.  Exciting stuff!

April 11th - courtesy of the National Film Board, elementary students will view David's movie, Force of Nature to ready them for his arrival.

April 12th - selected secondary students from across the Avon Maitland District School Board will meet at Stratford Northwestern to view Force of Nature.  David will arrive at 10:15 to field questions post the movie.  Barbara Budd (former CBC As it Happens) will introduce David and moderate the question period.  Once that chat finishes we'll shift the secondary students out and bring the elementary ones in for another question and answer period targeted to their age group.  David will then join a small group of students for a chat session on the environment, personal health and food.  We'll of course be feeding him yummy local, seasonal and fair food.  Check out the School Board details on the day:  David Suzuki visit

The excitement is obviously building in the school as the day approaches!  Check out David's energy saving tips in the video below.

The Screaming Avocados

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